WebVision Help Page

This innovative software allows you to view fantastic images and
stunning search results based on your interest.
The built in web browser has web sites and music videos
ready to go with the ability to blend and zoom content.

Row 1
Pics/Web - Show pictures from your folders or web images.
< - Go back to the previously viewed picture.
> - Go forward or load next picture in folder.
Slide Show - Continuous random pictures/web images.
Main/Aux - Load sites into main browser or auxiliary browsers.

Row 2
Blend/Solid - Make the WebVision transparent or not.
Video - Play the current top 20 music video hits.
Music - Choose music video.  > - Play the next music video.
>> Jukebox mode (Auto play random music videos)
Site - Choose web site.  > - Load next web page.
>> Auto load random or sequential web sites every 10 seconds.
FAVS - Select one of your favorites.
Zoom - Toggle between 50% and 500% web page zoom.

Hit right mouse button for menu to create shortcuts or print.
WebVision Screen Shots