WebVision Installation Instructions:

(Must use I
nternet Explorer or Edge for WebVision installation.)

1) Click Buy Now button to purchase WebVision. (only $10)
2) After transaction you will receive username/password.
3) Go to WebVision30.com and click Download WebVision.
4) Enter your
User Name and Password and click OK.
5) Click WebVision Full Version to start download.
WebVision will create an Shortcut on you desktop.
7) Now you can start
WebVision by double clicking the shortcut.
8) If you get Publisher cannot be verified click Run.

Windows 8&10 - Windows has protected your PC.  Click More info.
                         Then click Run anyway.

If you get an error that WebVision is already installed run this at the
command prompt:
rundll32 dfshim CleanOnlineAppCache

Then try to install WebVision again.